Sunday, October 02, 2016

How to create an Alexa Skill to talk to ThingSpeak for IoT control

If you are just experimenting with Alexa and your own homemade IoT devices, you may be using a cloud service such as ThingSpeak.
Here is a simple example of everything needed to enable your Amazon Echo or similar device to control your devices by talking directly to Alexa.

You can say things like:

Alexa, tell Smart Control to turn on the light
Alexa, ask Smart Control to switch the lamp off
Alexa, open Smart Control
 - light on

and so on.

You can find the code here on GitHub:


At 9:15 pm, Blogger BugBlaster said...

Hi this is almost what I am looking for what would I change to send a value to thingspeak eg for Alexa ask skill to set temp to 21. Would I have to do utterances for each of the values?


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